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The figures on workplace injuries in the UK are shocking, despite the best efforts of employers to stay compliant with Health and Safety regulations. In 2019/20, there were 65,427 employees injured at work, according to the HSE. How many more were not recorded under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations…(Read More)

First Aid

In health and safety regulations, the law holds the business owner responsible for maintaining standards. You must be certain that your employees and any visitors to your workplace have adequate access to health and safety advice and you have extensive procedures in place in case of a health and safety related emergency. As a HR…(Read More)

What to do if someone is having a heart attack?

What is a heart attack? A heart attack is a severe condition where the supply of blood to the heart is suddenly blocked, usually by a blood clot.  What are the causes? Thrombosis (blood clotting) Lifestyle – diet, drinking, smoking What are the symptoms? A sudden feeling of severe chest pain, pressure, tightness, squeezing or…(Read More)

What Should I Do If Someone Is Choking

We often get asked, “What should I do if someone is choking?” In this article, we explain the best action to take. Choking is when your airway gets blocked and you can’t breathe properly. It can be a scary experience both for the person involved and those around them. Most of the time the…(Read More)

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