Test Your Knowledge

Every day thousands of people in the UK suffer from food poisoning. Many of these will be extremely ill and some of them will die.

The main reasons for food poisoning are negligence, ignorance, poor management and a failure to implement good hygiene practices.  Food poisoning can be prevented by developing a good food safety culture.  This involves effective supervision and the instruction and training of handlers by knowledegable managers.

Have a go at our Basic Food Hygiene Quiz and test your knowledge!

Question 1

What is the main reason that food must be cooled quickly after cooking?

Question 2

When putting new stock into a dry goods store, where should it be placed?

Question 3

What is the name of the food poisoning bacteria that is likely to be found in cuts, spots and other skin conditions?

Question 4

What is the minimum temperature must you hold hot food at?

Question 5

Why should raw and read to eat foods be stored in separate storage areas?


If you don’t confidently know all the answers to these questions and you prepare and cook food you could be putting your customers health at risk!

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