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Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety Training – Levels 1 to 4 – we do them all!

Every year the health and safety regulations become more complex. It is essential that you keep up to date and comply with the latest legislation. The costs of accidents and ill health in the workplace can have a significant effect on your business. The effective management of health and safety in your business is the key to eliminating or reducing workplace hazards. Having a well managed health and safety system in place and effective health and safety training will ensure staff, visitors and contractors are protected at all times.

You are ultimately responsible for the health and safety in all aspects of the business. You have a “duty of care” to look after the health, safety and welfare of your employees while they are at work. You must ensure that your business has access to suitable competent health and safety advice. Failure to comply with the health and safety regulations can carry heavy penalties in the way of fines, poor staff morale, loss of business, a bad reputation and possibly even imprisonment.

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Health and Safety Training

Everyone you employ needs to know how to work safely and without risks to health. You must provide clear instructions and  information, and adequate health and safety training, for your employees.

Consider how much training is necessary. A proportionate approach is needed, for example a low-risk business would not need lengthy technical training. Providing simple information or instructions is likely to be sufficient.

Don’t forget contractors and self-employed people who may be working for you and make sure everyone has the right level of information on:

  • hazards and risks they may face, if any ;
  • measures in place to deal with those hazards and risks, if necessary;
  • how to follow any emergency procedures.

When you provide health and safety training, ask your employees what they think about it to make sure it’s relevant and effective. Keeping health and safety training records will help you to identify when refresher training might be needed.

The information and training you provide should be in a form that is easy to understand. Everyone working for you should know what they are expected to do.

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Health and Safety Courses

In order to help you train your team and comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 we offer the following health and safety training courses:

Health and Safety TrainingHighfield Level 1 Award in Health and Safety within the Workplace

This Level 1 Health and Safety Training course provides your employees with a basic introduction into all aspects of health and safety practices.  It covers legislation, fire procedures, chemical safety, manual handling and personal protective equipment.  It is perfect as induction level training.

This half day course is ideal for those entering the workplace for the first time, either as part of a work experience programme or at the start of employment.  It is also perfect as part of a new employees induction programme.

This course is suitable for all workplace environments, including retail, offices, manufacturing, food premises and the care environment.

If your employees have already undergone induction training and need to build on their existing health and safety knowledge then it’s recommended that they undertake the Level 2 Award in Health and Safety within the Workplace course.

For more information regarding this course, Download Our Course Fact Sheet.

Health and Safety Training

Highfield Level 2 Award in Health and Safety within the Workplace

This Level 2 Health and Safety Training course will provide your employees with an understanding of how to work safely within your organisation.   It includes employer and employee legal responsibilities, accident prevention and an overview of some of the key areas of workplace health and safety.

This one day course is ideal for all employees in the workplace, regardless of the industry they work in.

Everyone is at risk from work-related illness and injury in particular, new staff and employees who have recently changed job roles or taken on extra responsibilities. Employees who haven’t refreshed their skills in the past three years are also at risk.

For more information regarding this course, Download Our Course Fact Sheet.

Health and Safety Training

Highfield Level 3 Award in Health and Safety within the Workplace

This Level 3 Health and Safety Training course aims to provide your managers and supervisors with a thorough understanding of all aspects of health and safety.  It will raise their awareness of the responsibilities they are expected to maintain.

It also details the need for a structured management approach to health and safety and the key factors in implementing health and safety policy.

This 3 day course is ideal for managers, supervisors, team leaders, heads of department or indeed anyone with a responsibility for health and safety within your business.

This includes those who have a responsibility for training employees, setting and maintaining high standards and enforcing a positive health and safety culture at work.

It is perfect for owners of small businesses or individuals wishing to advance their health and safety knowledge. It is the minimum requirement for those wishing to register with an awarding body to train basic Health and Safety qualifications.

For more information regarding this course, Download Our Course Fact Sheet.

Health and Safety Training

Highfield Level 4 Award in Health and Safety within the Workplace

This comprehensive five day Level 4 Health and Safety Training course will provide you with an in depth knowledge and understanding of health and safety.  It examines the vital roles of management in establishing and maintaining high standards and a good health and safety culture.

The course is relevant to all types of industry and is well respected by the Health and Safety Executive, Independent Auditors and Enforcement Officers.

Approximately two weeks after the course, a controlled assignment and an examination paper will be undertaken.

This five day course is ideal for directors, partners, managers, supervisors and business owners and those with a direct responsibility to implement, monitor and audit health and safety management systems.

For more information regarding this course, Download Our Course Fact Sheet.

All of the above courses are accredited by Highfield Qualifications. We do also offer similar non-accredited courses should you require them.

Different Training Options

  • Public 
    Suitable for candidates of all levels and experience and open to businesses and individuals alike. Designed to provide the best value for money whilst delivering effective learning solutions to improve levels of skill and knowledge. We offer regular public courses in Gloucestershire and details of our Forthcoming Health and Safety Training Dates,simply click on the level you require. Level 2Level 3Level 4


  • Onsite
    Delivers cost effective benefits to businesses of all sizes, across all industry sectors. Whether you are a local, national or international company, we are happy to train your employees at your premises. We can combine courses to meet your needs or tailor our courses to suit your specific business requirements. Make an enquiry.


  • Online
    These online courses provide a convenient, high quality, yet cost effective training solution. Ideal for induction, compliance or refresher training. With our eLearning you can look forward to the same high standard of content, which is expected from classroom training. Purchase a licence.

All our health and safety courses will help you to comply with your legal requirement for health and safety training in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.

Useful Information

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First Aid TrainingWell Delivered and Thorough
The health and safety training was excellent; well delivered and thorough. It was informative and welcoming, including areas such as the quality of risk management, control measures and changes in legislation.

Mathew Daniels | Your Lifestyle Nationwide Ltd.



First Aid Training
Very Positive Feedback

The feedback I have received from my staff has been very positive, everybody thought the trainer was great.  He made the day fun, interactive and interesting. I would definitely recommend Envesca to other companies looking for effective health and safety training.

Lorraine Palmer | Palmer and Howells