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First Aid Training In The Workplace – What Are The Main Benefits?


In health and safety regulations, the law holds the business owner responsible for maintaining standards. You must be certain that your employees and any visitors to your workplace have adequate access to health and safety advice and you have extensive procedures in place in case of a health and safety related emergency. As a HR manager you deal with a vast range of employee concerns on a daily basis, whether onboarding a new starter, dealing with worker illness, or managing communications.

In our First Aid Courses we talk about first aid needs analysis.

Under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, it is your duty to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure that your employees receive immediate attention in the event of injury or falling ill in the workplace.

Health And Safety Risks In The Workplace

Some workplaces present more obvious risks that others – for example, a construction site deals with working from height or the chance that objects may fall on top of workers, whereas it could be easy to assume that an office carries little to no health and safety risk. But this is wrong – all workplaces come with health and safety risk.

Poor health and safety standards can, at best, leave staff feeling that their employer doesn’t care for them, and at worst, can lead to fines and imprisonment in the event of an easily avoided incident.

The majority of accidents in the workplace can be avoided by implementing suitable and sufficient control measures to reduce the risk of hazards causing injury or illness. However, should an accident occur in the workplace it is essential that staff know what to do and how to do it – this is where first aid training comes in.

What Are The Benefits Of First Aid Training In The Workplace?

First aid training reduces injury and saves lives. Whether that’s knowing how to treat a paper cut or when to dial 999 knowing what to do in the event of a health emergency can prevent or minimise serious harm to employees and visitors alike.

Trained employees are confident employees. In a crisis, many people go into fight or flight mode – some panic, and some remain calm and focused. Scared employees who freeze and are unsure of their first aid skills are less likely to attempt first aid themselves, but workers who are fully trained in first aid are far more likely to keep a cool head, remember what to do, and then take appropriate action. Additionally, the quicker action is taken, the less likely an injury is to worsen, thereby improving the outcome for the injured party.

First Aid Training Courses Tailored To You

Not only does first aid training promote a safe and healthy working environment, it is also a great team-building exercise. It can also help to keep employees safe outside of the workplace, and know how to handle a medical emergency in their personal lives.

Our first aid training courses will help your team to recognise a medical emergency and know exactly which steps to take. All of our courses are tailored to you and your timetable, and we offer a selection of both accredited and non-accredited courses.

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