How to Improve Warehouse Safety

Safeguard – Autumn 2019


The role of a health and safety manager is a difficult one and is often maligned by other managerial staff and workers.  This can be for several reasons, one of which can be that employees have had experience of working with an ineffective or “jobsworth” safety manager in the past.

The best way to avoid this attitude is to employ a health and safety manager who not only has the ability and knowledge to carry out the role, but also has the correct temperament and personality to promote good health and safety throughout the workforce. In this month’s Big Lesson, we outline 5 key characteristics of a good Health and Safety Manager.

Over 2017/18 there were 15 fatalities, 34,000 specified injuries and 52,000 cases of work-related ill health report to the HSE from the transportation and storage industries.  This places transportation and storage in the top six of the most hazardous industries to work in in the UK and because of this, in this issue, we focus on some key measures for improving warehouse safety.

One question we are often asked is “What are the different types of fire extinguishers used for?”.  In this issue, we answer this question and also explain what the different classes of fire are – PLUS we have provided a useful ‘Quick Guide” that you can copy and display in your premises.

And if you are worried that you are not doing everything to protect yourself from the risk of prosecution or imprisonment, then discover how for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day you can have peace of mind knowing that your Health and Safety and Food Safety legal obligations are fulfilled.

And, as always, we share some of the amazing achievements of our customers.

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