Safeguard – Autumn 2020


Irrelevant of the changes brought about by the pandemic, staff training is still essential.  In fact, we believe it’s more important now than ever!

In our Big Lesson this issue we explain why your recovery plan needs to include investing in staff training.  It details why the short-term expense of training has numerous long term benefits.

Whilst the country was in lockdown, the team at Envesca were busy making arrangements to be able to deliver interactive online training with online accredited examinations too. Read all about this new method of delivery in this issue.

Accident and injury reporting is an important part of good health and safety management.  The investigation of such incidents allows you to identify failings in your procedures and processes, recognise accident trends and, most importantly, implement measures to prevent similar types of incidents happening again. We take a closer look at the process of accident investigation and identify the key stages in carrying out an investigation.

And, as always, we share some of the amazing achievements of our customers.

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