Envesca Celebrates 20 years in business

Safeguard – Spring 2016


Did you know that if early defibrillation is administered soon after a heart attack, the survival rates are as high as 75%? With each passing minute, the chances of survival diminish by 10% and beyond 6 minutes lasting brain damage may be sustained, that is if the casualty can be resuscitated at all.   In this issue’s Big Lesson, we focus on how you should decide whether a defibrillator is beneficial to your workplace and what the training requirements are.

Two organisations, Cheltenham College and Richmond Villages, share their story of their long partnerships with Envesca and what they benefit from working with “experts in their field”.

We also talk about the legal requirement for safety signs and which ones you should be displaying in your workplace.

As always, we introduce you to a member of our team and share some of the amazing achievements of our customers.

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