Safeguard Plus Facebook Group Rules

First, we’d like to start by saying we are very happy you are here! 

The Safeguard Plus Club is a place for Safeguard Plus members to come together to share insights, tips, questions, answers in all matters health and safety.

This group is community supported so please ensure you jump in and help your fellow Safeguard Plus members.

By being a part of this group you are agreeing to these rules listed below. With that being said, let’s dive in…


No self-promotion is allowed.  What do we consider self-promotion?

  • Selling Anything – products, services, courses, events and programmes … anything that feeds your bottom line.
  • Promoting your webinar, live broadcast or event.
  • Posting affiliate links.
  • Posting your own content in the group and not in a specific (and relevant) thread.
  • Posting in the group and asking people to PM.
  • Posting “free” offers of your own product or service.

We may break our own rule and promote something if we feel as though it is of service to the group. We reserve that right as it is our group and community.


As a way to help make our group highly searchable, any time you post within the group, we want you to use one of these three categories: #ASK, #WINS, #SHARE

#ASK = Any question you may have about health and safety in your business that has you stumped. If you want your question answered, you MUST use a hashtag!

#WINS = Any health and safety wins you are celebrating. We LOVE to feature people within the group! Give shoutouts! Share your accomplishments! Be proud of the work you’re doing to keep you and your business protected! We want to hear all BIG and SMALL wins!

#SHARE = Any health and safety tips, strategies, lessons, or insights you have learned along the way. Help each other out! This is a community run group, so offer feedback and insight whenever possible.


This is a big no-no! No posting or sharing your own videos (live or pre-recorded) – whether it’s from your personal profile, your FB page, your YouTube account, or your website.


We live by the Golden Rule in this group: If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. We do not allow rants, calling people out, or. Just be nice. It’s that simple.


Provide genuine and helpful feedback and suggestions to others.

  • Ask questions.
  • Give answers.
  • Be a kind, supportive person.

Remember: We are all here to help each other…so give more than you take, please.


If you have a question about why your post was deleted, if your post is OK or any other question related to this Group, email us at [email protected] with the subject line ‘Safeguard Plus Facebook Group’.

We will reply to your email in a timely manner during business hours of Monday – Friday, 8-5 pm.