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Here at Envesca we believe that we are good at giving proactive, sensible and useful advice.

Below you will find some free resources that you can download on a host of subjects that will help you and your business.

Health & Safety

HealthandSafetySecretsforNewBusinessOwners2 e1506499645736

Health and Safety Secrets for Business Start-Ups

In this FREE guide we share the health and safety secrets every new business owner needs to know to meet their legal obligations.
AnnualHealthandSafetyActionPlan2 e1506499660193

Annual Health and Safety Action Plan

Use our FREE 52 week check list to implement a health and safety action plan in your business that will help to keep you, your staff and your customers safe.
School Kitchen eBook Cover 2

Complete Guide to Health and Safety in Your School Kitchen

This guide will help you to identify the areas within your kitchen that you need to consider. The checklist at the end will help you to build an action plan going forward.

SevenSecretstoEffectiveRiskAssessment2 e1506499625405

7 Secrets to Risk Assessment

This FREE guide will help you to implement an effective risk assessment process in your business and ensure you meet your legal obligations.
Radon 1

Essential Four Step Guide to Managing Radon

In this step-by-step guide we explain how to assess your risk of radon and how to comply with the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017. Get your FREE copy now.

Food Safety

001 B 1

The Ultimate Guide to Passing the Level 4 Food Safety Examination

Over 20 years of delivering this course we have learnt the best methods, techniques and secrets to achieving this qualification and gaining an excellent grade. We share everything we know in this free eBook.
EssentialSixStepGuidetoLegionellaManagement2 e1510093745333 1

Essential Six Step Guide To Legionella Management

Legionnaires’ disease and the legionella bacteria present a challenge to many business owners. Many do not know their responsibilities, the methods of prevention or exactly what  the risks posed by legionella are and how to tackle them. In this guide, we will lead you through the six key steps to managing legionella.

Fire Safety

Ultimate Fire Safety Checklist 1

The Ultimate Fire Safety Checklist

As a Fire Marshal or a Fire Warden you should carry out regular checks of your business to ensure that good fire safety practices are adopted at all times. This comprehensive fire safety checklist will help ensure that all areas of your business are covered. Get your FREE copy now.

First Aid

First Aid eBook 001

The Ultimate First Aid Checklist

If you are an appointed person or first aider for your company you should carry out regular checks of your business to ensure that your first aid facilities are up to date. This comprehensive checklist will help you ensure you have everything covered! Get your FREE copy now.

First Aid Needs Analysis 2 001 2 1

The Ultimate First Aid Assessment Checklist

As an employer, you are the best person to understand the exact nature of your workplace and therefore decide exactly what first aid provision is ‘adequate and appropriate’ for your business. This checklist will help you to identify the first aid needs in your business. Get your FREE copy now.

PC Screen EFA 1 1

First Aid Needs Analysis Calculator

Use our handy First Aid Needs Analysis Calculator to help assess your first aid training requirements. In a few easy steps you’ll have a downloadable report that breaks down your first aid requirements and will recommend the training needed for your specific business.


SevenStepstoDeliveringaSuperSuccessfulTrainingCourse2 e1506499635442

How To Deliver Super Successful Training Courses

Award winning trainer, Simon Ellis, shares his top tips to help you maximise your effectiveness as a trainer and fast track your journey to training success.
Perfect Training Provider 2 e1506499601119

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Training Provider

Use our checklist to help you choose the best trainer provider for your needs.