Legionella Awareness Course

What’s It About?

This legionella awareness course will help you to raise your awareness of legionella and prevent waterborne disease caused by legionella bacteria. In addition, this course covers the risks associated with hot and cold water systems.

It will help you understand the health risks associated with legionella bacteria and how to control them.  It will highlight how legislation and codes of practice can support the management of legionella bacteria.

This course is delivered in association with an approved contractor who is a member of the Legionella Control Association.

Who Should Attend?

This half-day course is ideal for anyone who works in an environment where legionella growth is a risk.  It is particularly relevant to those who have responsibility for undertaking tasks associated with cleaning, servicing, modification or repair of water systems. For example, supervisors, maintenance personnel, trade persons and cleaners.  It is particularly useful for those who have no previous training or those requiring a refresher.

This course is not suitable for the “responsible person” or “duty holder”.  They would need to attend the Level 3 Award in Legionella Control for Responsible Person qualification.

Legionella Awareness Course

Why’s It Important?

Under general health and safety law, the person in control of premises has health and safety duties and responsibilities. They must take suitable precautions to prevent or control the risk of exposure to legionella.

The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems Approved Code of Practice (L8) specifically states that people involved in implementing precautionary measures should be adequately trained.

In brief, any water system that has the right environmental conditions could potentially be a source for legionella bacteria growth.  No matter how big or small your premises; if you have water systems in your workplace then you have a legal obligation to eliminate or minimise the risk of legionella.

What Will You Gain?

By attending the legionella awareness training course, your employees will gain a thorough understanding of where legionella bacteria comes from. They will also know how people develop Legionnaires’ disease and how it affects their health.

In addition, they will know how the law affects them and will understand current regulations and guidance documents.

On returning to the workplace they will be aware of the control measures that can be used to reduce the risks from legionella.  They will understand the importance of continually monitoring, reviewing and updating the legionella control measures.

What Will It Cost?

We aim to help you make your training budget go further, and we offer a range of cost-effective training options, for example:

In-House Courses

Training from as little as £79.50 + VAT per person, based on a group of 10 people

eLearning Courses

Licences from as little as £16.00 + VAT per person, taking advantage of our quantity discounts.

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