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HACCP Training and Consultancy for the Food and Drink Industry

Hazard Analysis with Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally recognised system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food.  European and UK legislation requires food and drink businesses to implement a documented food safety management system based on the principles of a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. HACCP provides an effective management tool for identifying hazards in food and drink production. Furthermore the implementation of cost-effective controls and monitoring procedures helps to ensure safe food.

HACCP involves:

  • looking closely at what you do in your business
  • looking into what could go wrong and what risks there are to food safety
  • identifying any critical control points the areas a business needs to focus on to ensure those risks are removed or reduced to safe levels
  • deciding what action you need to take if something goes wrong
  • making sure that your procedures are being followed and are working
  • keeping records to show your procedures are working

Above all, it is important to have food safety management procedures that are appropriate for your business.

HACCP Training

The law states that staff responsible for the development and maintenance of a HACCP system should have adequate training in the application of the HACCP principles.

All food handlers would benefit from attending an accredited HACCP training course.  The training will help them understand food safety hazards and the need to operate the company’s HACCP-based procedures effectively.

Training your team in HACCP is a smart thing to do and it is also a requirement of the Food Hygiene Regulations.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that attending effective HACCP courses is one of the most effective ways to improve food safety within your business.

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HACCP Training and Consultancy Services 

  • Public HACCP Training Courses
    Suitable for candidates of all levels and experience and open to businesses and individuals alike. Designed to provide the best value for money whilst delivering effective learning solutions to improve levels of skill and knowledge. We offer regular public courses in Gloucestershire.
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  • Onsite HACCP Training
    Delivers cost effective benefits to businesses of all sizes, across all food and drink businesses. So, whether you are a local, national or international company, we are happy to train your employees at your premises. We can combine courses to meet your needs or tailor our courses to suit your specific business requirements.
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  • Online HACCP Training
    These online courses provide a convenient, high quality, yet cost effective training solution. Ideal for induction, compliance or refresher training. With our eLearning you can look forward to the same high standard of content, which is expected from classroom training.
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  • Consultancy
    Let us take the burden off you and either completely write your HACCP or review it for you.
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All our HACCP courses will help you to comply with your legal requirement for HACCP training in accordance with the Article 5 of Food Hygiene (England) Regulation (EC) 852/2004.

HACCP Training Courses

In order to help you train your team and comply with Article 5 of Regulation (EC) 852/2004, we offer the following HACCP courses:

Highfield Level 2 Award in HACCP Course (in Catering/Manufacturing)HACCP Training

This HACCP course will enable your employees to understand the importance of implementing a food safety management system; based on the Codex HACCP principles, in a catering or manufacturing environment.

They will learn their role in ensuring the effective operation of the HACCP system and gain the knowledge to identify, control and monitor hazards at points critical to food safety within their business. They will also understand the importance of taking corrective action when critical limits are breached and become familiar with the documentation and records needed to support a HACCP system.

This one-day HACCP course is suitable for anyone who works in a catering or manufacturing environment. It will be particularly useful for those involved in the maintenance of HACCP system, and for those who are, or intend to become, members of a HACCP team.

For more information regarding this HACCP course, Download Our Course Fact Sheet – For Manufacturing or  For Catering

Highfield Level 3 Award in HACCP Course (in Catering/Manufacturing)HACCP Training

This HACCP course will enable your employees to create a food safety management system based on the Codex HACCP principles for a catering or manufacturing environment.  They will also learn what control measures can be used to help improve and maintain food safety and comply with legislation.

This two-day HACCP course is designed for your managers and supervisors or anyone in charge of managing food safety.  It is therefore ideal for employees who are responsible for implementing a HACCP food safety management system in your business.

It is also perfect for employees who have already achieved a Level 2 or 3 Award in Food Safety qualification but who consequently require a more detailed knowledge of HACCP systems.

For more information regarding this HACCP course, Download Our Course Fact Sheet –For Manufacturing or  For Catering

Both of the above courses are accredited by Highfield Qualifications. We do also offer similar non-accredited courses should you require them.

Useful Information

Food Standards Agency

Visit our Knowledge Centre for useful information on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

What Our Customers Say…

HACCP TrainingInformative and Knowledgeable Trainer
I really enjoyed the Level 2 HACCP course.  The trainer was informative and knowledgeable. I found the section on the background of HACCP and how it works really interesting. I also learnt how to complete a HACCP control chart, which will help me when I return to my workplace.

Mark Ingham | Rich Products Ltd


Pretty Darn Good!HACCP Training
I would describe the Level 3 HACCP course as “pretty darn good!” A good level of information and a very good trainer. I feel that when I will return to work I will be a much more active member of our HACCP team.

James Wimbush | Weddel Swift Distribution Ltd