The 6 Top Benefits Of Fire Safety Training For SME Businesses


Fire safety training is an important, yet sometimes ignored part of running an SME business. However, taking the time to train up your staff in this area is essential. This type of training not only arms your employees with valuable skills but also helps to make your premises a safer place to be. But what specific benefits does fire safety training bring?

Helps Staff Recognise Fire Hazards and Reduces The Likelihood Of An Emergency

Fire safety training is not just about what to do after a fire breaks out. While this is covered, it will also give staff the knowledge needed to spot potential hazards in advance. This is useful as it stops fires before they even start and reduces the likelihood of an emergency.

Will Help Improve Your Fire Risk Assessment and Reduce Insurance Policies

All businesses must have a regular fire risk assessment carried out to confirm how safe their premises are and show they comply with Government rules. The quality of your fire safety assessment can be greatly improved by allowing workers to access fire safety training. This improvement can also bring insurance costs down, as insurance companies can see you have measures in place to prevent fires.

Gives Staff More Confidence In Dealing With Fires

Another one of the benefits of fire safety training is giving staff greater confidence to deal with fires. This will not only see them feel more secure in the workplace but also see them relaxed enough to be more productive. It will also mean that they can stay calm in the event of a fire and have the confidence to take decisive action.

Ensures You Stick To Government Legislation and Reduces Legal Problems

Another great benefit fire safety training brings to SMEs is the ability to stay within the law. This type of training is a legal requirement and this means you must take steps to train staff in fire safety. As failures in areas like this can prove major legal headaches for SMEs, it is not worth taking the chance.

Protects Your Business and Anyone On Your Premises

The two main threats any fire brings is risk to life and risk to property. In terms of your business alone, one of the benefits of fire safety training is that staff can deal with fires quickly. This quick action could then limit the damage to your building or what is inside it. Of course, fire safety training also protects your employees and customers. Fires can prove deadly, and this means it is vital to have fully trained staff who know how to get people safely out of the building.

Can Prevent Smaller Fires Becoming Big Emergencies

Enrolling staff on fire safety training courses will ensure they know exactly what to do when smaller fires break out. This in turn will mean they tackle them before they are a much bigger problem. By giving workers the right sort of fire safety training, you can be sure that any small fires will be sorted out while they are relatively low risk.

Fire Safety Courses For Staff With Envesca

As the above shows, there are some very good reasons to invest in fire safety training for staff. Here at Envesca, we offer a Level 1 Fire Safety Awareness course and a Level 2 Fire Safety course for the staff that will become fire marshals. If you need more advice on which course to choose, call our team on 01452 898180 today for help.

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