What To Look For In A Health & Safety Training Company

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What To Look For In A Health & Safety Training Company

When it comes to health and safety within your business, it’s vital.

It’s not just about keeping your people safe. You need complete assurance that you’re doing all you can to meet stringent UK requirements to remain compliant, operational and open for business. A good health and safety training company will do that and more.

The choice of provider impacts things like depth of training, compliance and the support you get on an ongoing basis.

What Is A Health And Safety Training Company?

Health and safety training consists of educational courses that provide employees with crucial knowledge and skills. This enables them to create and promote a safe working environment and mitigate risks and hazards.

A health and safety training company specialises in this education, equipping individuals and businesses with everything they need to keep their business safe for everyone in it. 

Health and safety training companies develop and deliver training programmes that help businesses comply with health and safety regulations. Failure to understand occupational risks can also directly impact a business’s reputation and development. 

What Should You Look For In A Health And Safety Training Company?

When you’re hunting down the right health and safety training company for your business, there are several factors to consider.


What accreditations does the company hold? Any health and safety training company worth its salt should feature appropriate accreditations on it’s website and leaflets and be able to tell you about them if asked. 

Holding universally accepted accreditations assures customers that the company has extensive industry experience and works to the highest standard. 


The health and safety training your business requires will depend on your business’s activities, such as catering or production, who requires training, and what level they need to achieve. Are there any specific areas of expertise you’re looking for, and does the health and safety training company offer what you need? 


Different health and safety training companies offer different training formats. Envesca can deliver training courses on-site in person, at an independent venue or online. Blended learning options are also available.

Online training courses make learning much more accessible for a variety of individuals, including remote workers and staff members working on different premises. In-house training might make sense for your business if you require multiple team members to take part in the same course. 

Awarding Bodies

Who is accrediting the training? What will participants achieve upon successful completion? Many of Envesca’s training courses are accredited by Highfield, one of the UK’s most recognisable awarding organisations. 

Reputable awarding bodies give qualifications weight, both from a professional career perspective as well as towards the reputation of your business. 


Have you received speedy replies from initial enquiries with your health and safety training company? 

First impressions matter. If the company fails to respond promptly, spells your name wrong, or doesn’t offer much help, it might not be the responsive, friendly health and safety training company you’re after. 

Beyond Training: A Complete Health and Safety Solution

Some health and safety training companies offer more than just training itself, meaning you can benefit from a more rounded service.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Here are some of the other services that could be on offer…


Training providers that offer consultancy can give you ongoing health and safety support, ensuring your business is legal, safe, organised and running smoothly. They can perform audits, undertake risk assessments, put together HACCP plans and take on most aspects of health and safety so that you don’t have to.


Health and safety training companies may also offer access to specialist software. Health and safety compliance software makes it easy for employees and managers to understand and meet their obligations through an intuitive platform. 

Through the platform, users can create and manage risk assessments, identify trends, mitigate risks and track the progress of projects. You can also record and report incidents and oversee training management.

Using health and safety compliance software reduces time and effort working through endless paperwork and form-filling, enabling you to use your energy elsewhere. You can find out more about ours here.

Health And Safety Compliance Software

The Benefits Of One Provider

You might be wondering why you’d choose just one company to meet all of your health and safety needs instead of casting the net wider.

Well, there are a few excellent reasons…

They Get To Know You

Using one health and safety training company builds a trusting relationship where they understand your business and its needs.

24/7 Support

With a supportive health and safety training company sitting on the sidelines, you can rest assured they will be on hand as and when you need it. Upcoming inspection? Change in legislation? Don’t sweat it; help is at the end of a phone call.

First Hand Information

Using one expert provider means you will be efficiently updated with any specific industry changes or topical news.

Early Bird Course Dates

Your friendly health and safety training company will knock on your virtual door with first refusal for course dates, meaning you can book everyone and send calendar invitations way ahead of time.

How to Choose the Right Training Provider

Selecting the most suitable health and safety training provider can feel like a minefield. Here are our recommended steps.

1 – Identify Your Needs

Consider your specific training requirements to make sure you’ve got a detailed picture of what you’re looking for. This will save you time in the long run.

Online or in-house? What’s your budget? How many people will be attending? 

2 – Research And Compare Providers

Take some time to hunt down potential providers.

If you’re looking for a facilitator to come and lead the course at your business premises, you’ll need to check that they cover your area. Do the providers on your list deliver the exact courses you’re after?

Read any business reviews you can get your hands on and see what past clients have to say, too.

3 – Contact 2-3 Companies

Once you’ve narrowed down the options, contact a few companies to discuss your needs. This gives you a chance to get a feel for how each health and safety training company operates, ascertain whether they can meet your needs and find the right fit.

Simple Steps To Finding The Right Provider

The right health and safety training company will help you develop and protect your business, keep your people safe and remain fully compliant. A company that provides an all-round service, that knows your business inside out and is ready to help when needed, is an essential asset.

Looking for a training provider, but not sure if that’s us? We can help you streamline your health and safety management practices through expertly delivered training courses as well as cutting-edge cloud-based software. Book a demo today.  

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