What Should You Look For In Health And Safety Compliance Software?

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Health And Safety Compliance Software

Still relying on pen and paper to help manage your health and safety compliance? It might be time to consider using health and safety compliance software.

From simple record-keeping to more detailed risk assessments, you can use this specially designed software to streamline and automate some of your processes.

But with so much choice on the market, how do you know which health and safety compliance software to choose? 

Here’s our round-up of what to look for in your solution.

Why Use Health And Safety Compliance Software?

Whether you work in a business with hundreds of employees or you head an SME, paperwork is frustrating and time-consuming.

Especially when it comes to health and safety. And that’s because compliance relies on adherence to countless pieces of legislation. 

Specially designed health and safety compliance software streamlines your company’s efforts to gold-standard health and safety. By providing one single cloud-based platform where all users can learn their obligations, all employees can be guided through the steps to execute their responsibilities effectively. 

Health and safety compliance software makes creating and managing risk assessments and projects easy, highlighting and monitoring potential issues before they generate incidents and accidents in the workplace. 

Health and safety compliance software…

Improves Safety

Because the software can identify red flags in your business’s processes and procedures, you can mitigate, remove or reduce the highlighted risks.

Enhanced Compliance

Automated alerts for incidents, training and tasks, not to mention user-friendly data generation and analysis and guided e-learning modules are just some of the features of health and safety compliance software that enable businesses to keep on top of health and safety in the workplace. 

Increased Productivity

Making the move from manual monitoring to a digital platform with everything you need in one place reduces the resources spent on paperwork and admin, saving you precious time to use elsewhere. 

Reduced Costs

With fewer resources necessary, think of how much money you’ll save! Not just that, but by utilising health and safety compliance software you inevitably reduce workplace incidents and accidents, keeping people safe and happy at work instead of losing work hours. 

Features And Factors To Consider When Choosing

We’ve covered the benefits, but what should you keep in mind when choosing health and safety compliance software?

Interface And Usability

Your chosen health and safety compliance software needs to be hosted using fully secure cloud-based servers so that it can be safely accessed by all users.

Some staff won’t be so keen on new technology, so think hard about how much disruption this new software will cause. Is the platform simple enough for even the most tech-averse staff members to use? 

With a software package like this, you can expect veritable companies to provide access to health and safety consultants to help users when they get stuck, as well as all-hours technical support. 


No two workplaces are the same, and good health and safety compliance software is personalisable to your business.

There will be certain aspects of health and safety that don’t apply to your industry at all; can you remove or change aspects of your online platform and automated processes to make it work well for your workplace?

Using your software will be easier and more intuitive if it can adapt to specific regulations that apply to your business. 


When shopping around for health and safety compliance software, you want a deal that will ease the load on your safety teams and keep you compliant. 

Automation plays a huge part in reducing the time, money and energy spent on manual health and safety processes and keeping on top of legislation requirements.

So ask yourself… What is the software capable of? What can it do for your business? What automation options does it offer, and how will they speed up your processes? Does the software make document storage and management easier? (It should! Many software packages even include the option to create and save templates).

Introducing T100: Health And Safety Compliance Software

Health And Safety Compliance Software

Here at Envesca, we understand how health and safety compliance software needs to perform to best meet our client’s needs. So we did something about it.

T100 is a health and safety compliance software that can be used on many different kinds of technological devices, making maintaining compliance super simple. It works even when you’re offline, too, so your business won’t take a hit if your internet access goes down for some reason.

Choosing T100 for your health and safety compliance software means you gain…

24/7 Access

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is; your cloud-based portal can be accessed at all times on a web browser or mobile app.

Dedicated Support

Got a software problem? New to T100 and have a few questions? No problem. Expert software support is just a click or phone call away.

Customisable Automations

Improve efficiency with tailored automations, enabling your people to stay informed and on top of their health and safety responsibilities. (And helpful notifications ensure that no task ever gets missed).

No-Nonsense Document Management

Forget time-consuming, rage-inducing manual document creation. Forget the stress of sifting through paperwork to find the right piece of paper. T100 health and safety compliance software makes the creation and storage of health and safety documents easier than ever before. 

Manage Your Training Effortlessly

T100 will help you to manage your training easily, with automated reminders designed to notify you when employees’ training is coming up for renewal. . 

And that’s not all. We couldn’t fit all the functions into this space, but here’s an overview of the available T100 software modules:

  • Checklists
  • Document Register
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • DSE Manager
  • Training Centre
  • Staff Handbooks
  • Self-Audits
  • Reporting Centre
  • Incident Manager

And so much more!

Tired Of Spending Time On Health And Safety Paperwork?

Bringing health and safety compliance software into your workplace can be daunting, but our solution has been designed to be customisable and perform perfectly for every single one of our clients. 

Wondering if T100 is right for you? Get in touch to book a demo today.

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