Food Safety Level 4: Everything You Need To Know

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Food Safety Level

Food safety is essential to keep people safe. Without it, real harm can come to people and businesses.

Food safety training ensures your people know what to do to handle and prepare food properly. Training covers the basics through to more complex processes. There are four levels of food safety training, and this blog will dive deep into the topmost level.

What is Food Safety Level 4?

The Food Safety Level 4 training course is designed for managers, supervisors and anyone else who holds managerial responsibility when it comes to food safety. Most people who undertake the course sit in either the catering or manufacturing sectors. 

The 5-day Food Safety Level 4 course looks at the topic in depth, building on previous knowledge gained in the lower levels. The purpose of the course is to provide managers with the understanding and confidence needed to:

  • Improve their businesses’ food safety culture
  • Ensure safe food is produced
  • Make sure appropriate processes and procedures are in place to maintain legal compliance with food safety legislation.

Food Safety Level 4 is a training course recognised by the Food Standards Agency, instilling trust in your business and boosting your reputation throughout your supply chain and client base. 

What Will You Learn?

The Food Safety Level 4 course can be tailored to either manufacturing or catering, depending on a business’s individual requirements. 

Both training courses dive into key topics, including:

Advanced Food Microbiology And Foodborne Illnesses

How can businesses prevent food-related illnesses and incidents without understanding how the science behind it works? During the Food Safety Level 4 training course, candidates will learn about the multiplication and survival of bacteria and foodborne illnesses and how to prevent them. 

Hazard Identification And Risk Assessment (HACCP Principles)

HACCP was developed to ensure safe food production whilst reducing the need for costly and inefficient end-product testing. In this section, participants will look at the 7 HACCP principles and how they improve food safety within a business. 

Food Safety Management Systems And Auditing

Food safety management systems help businesses to comply with food safety legislation. Participants will learn how they work to reduce the load of food safety compliance.

Participants will also learn how to effectively conduct audits of their business’s documentation, practices and procedures surrounding all stages of food handling, preparation, cooking and serving. This is essential to mitigating the food safety risks and ensuring full compliance.

Legislation And Compliance Requirements

The three main pieces of food safety legislation are covered in this part of Food Safety Level 4…

  • Food Safety Act 1990. This UK law focuses on the responsibilities of businesses that produce, handle and sell food products. 
  • HACCP. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, or HACCP, is a food safety management system that helps food businesses prevent and control hazards.
  • Labelling. Businesses must provide accurate information about their products in the form of labelling. Food labelling helps consumers avoid food-related illnesses and allergic reactions. 

Effective Communication And Training Of Food Handlers 

The Level 4 Food Safety qualification is a training course for individuals in managerial positions. This section of the course covers how people in senior roles can best manage and train their food-handling staff to ensure compliance is maintained and a food safety-first culture is developed. 

Food Hygiene Training 2

Why Undertake Food Safety Level 4 Training?

Food Safety Level 4 training is crucial for managers and business owners of food-based companies. Not only does enhancing food safety knowledge prevent food-borne illness but it prevents your business from suffering the costs associated with poor food safety. 

The 5-day course upskills participants in safer food safety practices and enhances their confidence in food management. With a better ability to create and manage food safety processes, managers can ensure safe food is being prepared and produced, keep people safe from harm and enforce a food-safety-centric culture within their business. 

Undertaking a Food Safety Level 4 course also contributes positively to career advancement ideals. 

About The Training

Food Safety Level 4 is a Highfield-accredited, 5-day intensive training course. Highfield is the global leader in compliance and work-based learning and currently provides around 70% of all regulated food safety qualifications.

The course can be delivered  at your premises for up to 12 candidates. It can also be delivered online via Zoom. The course can be provided on dates and times to suit you and your business. Course dates do not need to be back-to-back; they can be delivered on separate dates to suit you.

Alternatively, individual participants can join a 5-day public course with candidates from other businesses. 

The assessment consists of a 2-part examination. Part one is a 30-question multiple-choice examination. Part two is a written examination where candidates have to answer 4 questions which are split into multiple parts.  Successful candidates must achieve a total of at least 50 marks to pass the examination. 

Would Your Business Benefit From Food Safety Level 4?

From business owners to hygiene auditors and hospitals to factories, food safety level 4 is vital to ensure you and your team feel confident in managing food processes. Undertaking the training course enables candidates to effectively oversee and manage essential aspects of food safety and cascade their knowledge to colleagues.

Looking to enrol yourself or a team member on a Level 4 Food Safety course? Get in touch with Envesca today. 

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