Fire Safety Consultancy Services – What Do Inspectors Look For When Performing An Audit?


Fire safety audits are a necessary part of keeping any building or workplace safe for use. It is best practice to carry out fire safety checks every year to ensure that any building changes are in line with safety protocols. If you’re searching for things your fire safety consultant might check during an audit, here are seven things to keep in mind.

Practices Are In Line With Safety Fire Legislation

Fire safety consultants will take time to look at workplace practices to ensure that each person is working in a fire-safe way. You may also be asked about your evacuation strategy – every workplace should have a clear plan to follow when a fire alarm sounds to ensure that every person in the building can exit safely.

Fire Extinguishers

Under the legislation, all workplaces must have access to a fire extinguisher in case of an emergency. The extinguishers must be adequately fitted, suitable and well maintained to pass an audit. Your fire extinguishers could fail if they are out of date, damaged or inaccessible. Fire extinguishers must be fitted to a wall, and space must be left between the extinguisher’s bottom and the floor when you mount them.

Clear Notices

To ensure that every person in the building follows the correct fire protocol, you must have clearly displayed notices in and around the building. These notices may indicate fire escapes or fire actions, so they must be clear to read. Fire exit signs must be displayed clearly above the fire escape door and well-maintained to prevent damage.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is used to make fire action signs easier to see. Fire consultancy services will expect all emergency lighting to be working well when they run the audit. Fire and safety consultants could fail you if your lighting is too dim or damaged.

Fire Documentation

Every workplace should have access to relevant fire safety documents, including risk assessments and all pertinent training/protocol documents – this includes all proof of staff training demonstrating that all team members would be adequately prepared to act appropriately in the event of a fire. Fire safety consultants in the UK use risk assessments to check that a workplace is well informed about any fire risks that may be present and prepared to deal with any resulting fires.

Responsible Person

Each workplace should have an allocated fire safety officer who has been fully trained and is responsible for carrying out fire safety protocol in the event of an emergency. There should always be a trained staff member on site, and consultants will ask to speak with them.

Fire Exits

Fire exits should be easily accessible and clearly marked for optimal efficiency. The entry/exit points should never be blocked, and the doors should be easy to open – damaged doors may not pass the audit. Fire exit signs should be clear and positioned so that anyone can see them.

If your business is due an audit and needs support with fire safety measures, feel free to speak to our experts today!

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