Highfield Level 2 Award in Food Allergen Awareness and Control in Catering

What’s It About?

This allergen awareness course will ensure that your employees are fully aware of the foods that may trigger an allergic reaction.  They will learn what precautions need to be taken to ensure that your customers do not eat food they are trying to avoid.

A food allergy occurs when the body’s immune system sees a particular food as harmful and reacts by causing allergic symptoms. Foods that cause allergic reactions are allergens.

Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for food handlers in all business sectors. For example:-

  • Hospitality Leisure and Tourism
  • Schools, Colleges and Nurseries
  • Health and Social Care
  • Food and Drink Manufacturers.

Whether your team members are involved in preparing and cooking or just serving food cooked or prepared by somebody else they need to be trained.

However, if you are a Manager or Supervisor, the Highfield Level 3 Award in Allergen Management, may be more suitable.

This course is now being delivered by interactive online training via Zoom.

Allergen Awareness

Why’s It Important?

In the UK, about ten people die every year from food-induced anaphylaxis. For those at most significant risk, the tiniest trace of a food allergen can trigger severe symptoms and, in some cases, cause fatal or near-fatal symptoms. 

The Food Information for Consumers Regulations 2014, states you have to provide detailed allergy information on unpackaged food.

Developing food allergen awareness within your team is, therefore, key to complying with these regulations. Your customers need to be confident that the information you have provided is complete and correct.  If they have a food allergy, they need to know the food you are serving is safe for them to eat.

People who unknowingly eat food which contains an allergen may cause them to have an allergic reaction. Some of these people may even die.

As an employer, failing to comply with the Food Information Regulations can carry heavy penalties. In other words, fines, a bad reputation and possibly even imprisonment.

What Will You Gain?

By attending this allergen awareness course; your employees will understand their legal responsibilities as food handlers concerning the control of allergen contamination.

They will also be able to identify common food allergens and the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

On returning to the workplace, they will recognise risks associated with food allergies and food intolerances. They will be able to implement the controls needed to prevent the risk of allergen contamination in food.

What Will It Cost?

We aim to help you make your training budget go further, and we offer a range of cost-effective training options, for example:

In-House Courses

Training from as little as £47.25 + VAT per person, based on a group of 12 people

eLearning Courses

Licences from as little as £16.00 + VAT per person, taking advantage of our quantity discounts.

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