Health And Safety Compliance Audits – How You Can Ensure Your Hotel Stays Compliant With Health And Safety Legislation In 2021


All businesses in the UK are legally and morally obliged to adhere to strict health and safety regulations.
Envesca are the South West’s leading 5-star health and safety experts, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the hotel industry. We can help you stay on top of your health and safety compliance obligations with ease. Here are some critical points for you to consider when ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation.

Keep Your Safety Plans And Documentation Up-To-Date

Businesses change and evolve, so staying up-to-date can be a challenge. Should a serious injury or incident occur, you have a legal requirement to provide information to the HSE to prove the hotel is complying with all legislation.

Implement Training Procedures For Your Staff

Ensuring you have a robust health and safety training programme ensures that all staff are up to date and compliant at all times.

Have An Agreed Plan For Emergencies

It is vital that your business can respond quickly and efficiently to any health and safety incidents or emergencies. Having an agreed plan in place means everyone knows their role in an emergency and can deal with the emergency quickly and efficiently.

Update Guest Room And Floor Safety

Staff and guests use many different surfaces in a hotel. Room and floor safety information should be constantly updated, from assessing water temperature to having slip-proof surfaces in guest bathrooms.

Assess Housekeeping And Cleaning Operations

This is an area that can be fraught with hazards. Cleaning staff work with dangerous substances, so it’s vital to ensure health and safety guidelines are strictly followed and potentially toxic substances stored safely.

Assess Laundry Operation And Facilities

Surprisingly, bundles of laundry can be hefty, so ensure your staff have the appropriate manual handling training to avoid injury.

Assess Food And Beverage Services And Kitchen Operations

Ensure that all staff who work with food have the right level of food hygiene training. Should there be a case of food poisoning traced back to the hotel, the hotel could be closed, and the resulting social media publicity would most certainly harm business. Let Envesca help you take the stress out of health and safety compliance audits. Contact our friendly team to see how we can work with you to ensure your hotel not only complies with all Health and Safety regulations but keeps you on top of your obligations with ease. Image source: Pexels

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