Highfield Level 2 Award in Health and Safety within the Workplace

What’s It About?

This Level 2 Health and Safety course will provide your employees with an understanding of how to work safely within your organisation.   It includes employer and employee legal responsibilities, accident prevention and an overview of some of the critical areas of workplace health and safety.

Who Should Attend?

This one day course is ideal for all employees in the workplace, regardless of their type of business.

Everyone is at risk from work-related illness and injury, in particular, new staff and employees who have recently changed job roles or taken on extra responsibilities. Employees who haven’t refreshed their skills in the past three years are also at risk.

This course is not suitable for Managers or Supervisors who already have basic health and safety knowledge.  They would need to attend the Level 3 Award in Health and Safety within the Workplace qualification.

This course is now being delivered by interactive online training via Zoom.

Level 2 Health and Safety

Why’s It Important?

Under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and the associated Health and Safety Regulations, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that all your employees are aware of the importance of health and safety, what their duties are and the risks they may face in their individual job roles.

Each year, millions of working days are lost as a result of work-related illness and injury. Health and safety training is essential, so staff understand their duties and responsibilities.

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace for your employees. Failure to comply can result in imprisonment, hefty legal fees, fines, higher insurance premiums and even your business’ reputation.  Not only that but an unhealthy, injured, unmotivated workforce can lead to a drop in productivity.

What Will You Gain?

By attending this Level 2 Health and Safety course, your employees will have a good basic knowledge of health and safety procedures in the workplace.

They will understand the responsibilities of employers and employees under health and safety legislation. They will know the importance of undertaking a risk assessment to prevent and control hazards.

On returning to the workplace, they will know how to follow the correct safety procedures.  They will also understand the hazards and ill health effects associated with work activities and processes.

What Will It Cost?

We aim to help you make your training budget go further, and we offer a range of cost-effective training options, for example:

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