How Much Does Health And Safety Compliance Software Cost

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Health & Safety Compliance Software Cost

If you’re looking at investing in health and safety compliance software, there’s a lot to consider.

The function, the usability and the cost are among the top three things to think about. In this blog, we investigate health and safety compliance software, how it can reduce risk in your business, as well as how much you can expect to pay.

What Is Health And Safety Compliance Software?

There’s a ton of health and safety legislation to keep on top of, and the task can feel pretty overwhelming.

Health and safety compliance software streamlines health and safety compliance and eases stress all around. It does this by providing one platform where users can understand and meet their obligations, create and manage risk assessments and manage projects that correct and monitor any red flags.

Furthermore, you can play around with your data in charts and graphs and automatically send alerts to employees to keep them in the loop of training, tasks and incident notification. 

The Benefits Of Health And Safety Compliance Software

It all sounds rosy, but what advantages can you expect when you choose to use health and safety compliance software?

More Time

Utilising health and safety compliance software reduces the resources spent on form filling and admin. With this reduction in manual monitoring, you save both time and money. 

Risk Reduction

Health and safety software takes the stress out of keeping track of legislative processes and procedures because it removes the risk of human error. Efficient automation notifies you of required actions as and when needed so that you can remain compliant.

Responsibility Shift

Using compliance software means all necessary action items will be listed in one streamlined platform. This means managers and leaders can make better decisions, and the burden of responsibility on team members is heavily reduced, making for enhanced engagement all round. 

What Should You Look For In Compliance Software?

When you’re shopping around for compliance software, you’ll discover there are plenty of options – each with a wide range of beneficial features.

So how do you know which one to choose?

Cost is an important factor for most businesses, but sometimes, going for the cheapest package means you miss out on the most cost-saving features. Investing in the right software guarantees that it will earn its keep. 

Here’s what to look for in health and safety compliance software. 

The Features

This refers to what the software can do, and it’s what you need to pay attention to first. Most packages will offer similar core services, so read the full range to get a good grasp of what might suit your needs best.

Ease Of Use

All of your team will need access to the software, so it needs to be clear and intuitive enough for a wide range of people. We’re not all tech-savvy, and even those used to paper forms and handwritten letters need to be able to navigate the software with ease. 


What you’ve got the budget for plays a huge role. Software subscriptions based on the number of users are flexible and a cost-effective way of managing complex aspects of a business. 

About Safeguard T100

Health And Safety Compliance Software

The Safeguard T100 compliance software system is an intuitive platform that simplifies health and safety compliance, and here’s how it can help your business:

Risk Assessments

Use Safeguard T100’s simple risk assessment builder tool to collate a comprehensive collection of your own assessment templates. Review and monitor them to absorb performance-relation information that will help you assign actions to your team members and see when these have been completed.

Method Statements

A method statement outlines the processes surrounding the safe completion of work-related tasks.

Use the Safe Systems of Work tool to print a blank, adaptable method statement that can be used to ensure all health and safety procedures can be implemented and monitored for full compliance. 

Document Creation Forms, Documents And Checklists

Forms, documents and checklists are integral to efficiently keeping track of your compliance levels as well as highlighting any red flags that need attention. The Safeguard T100 system gives users a comprehensive selection of editable templates that can be printed or completed via the program. 


Need to keep track of staff training? Use Safeguard T100 to monitor training and be notified when repeat or top-up training is required. Your whole team can also make full use of ready-to-go toolbox talks, and you can even create your own.

Real-Time Reporting

When you use Safeguard T100’s reporting tool, you can identify trends in your recorded data. This means that you can uncover root causes and investigate anything that might need your attention. 

Anywhere Access 

Access your cloud-based portal anytime, anywhere, on any device – including smartphones – to review checklists, incidents and reporting. This centralised health and safety hub also stores everything you need in one place, including certificates for easy access.

Compliance Software Will Change The Way You Do Business

There are plenty of options out there, and the right health and safety compliance software should make its cost back in the time it saves and the useful tools it provides, all in one easy-to-navigate platform. 

Are you looking for an agile software package that will grow with your business? Get in touch today to see how we can help, or book a demo and receive a personalised costing. You could be paying as little as £3.50 per employee per month plus a set up fee!

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