Test Your Knowledge

Allergic reactions can make people very ill and can sometimes lead to death.

However, there is no cure for food allergy. The only way someone can avoid getting ill is to make sure they don’t eat the foods they are allergic to.

If you work with food, it is important to take food allergy seriously. With the Food Information Regulations 2014, you have a legal responsibility to provide the correct allergen information about the ingredients that is in the food you make or serve, to your customer.

Question 1

What type of foods do the Food Information Regulations 2013 apply to?

Question 2

Why is verbal communication not the best way to communicate information on allergens to your customers?

Question 3

How many allergens are included in the EU’s regulatory list of major allergens and can you name them?

Question 4

What can you do to help reduce the likelihood of allergenic cross contamination?

Question 5

Why is it important to check deliveries of ingredients that may contain allergens?

If you don’t confidently know all the answers to these questions and you make or serve food to customers then you are risking someone’s life!

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