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Bradfords recognised that attention to health and safety is not just about being socially responsible but that it also makes good business sense. They wanted to implement a new culture within the business where health and safety was regarded as just as important as the achievement of their other key business objectives.

However, there was a problem – the team just didn’t have the time to wade through reams of legislation and guidance and knew they needed help in achieving their goals.  

As Gary Tyler, Director of Bradfords, shares, “We wanted to ensure that, as a business, we were fully compliant in all aspects of health and safety but know we needed professional help and advice to achieve this.  With legislation changing all the time, we wanted a company that could provide all the knowledge, experience and training opportunities we needed to ensure we stayed ahead of the game.”

1n 2017 Bradfords found that exact company in Envesca.  The work to implement a new health and safety culture within the business was kick-started by Envesca, helping Bradford’s team to carry out vital risk assessments within their business.  These assessments, in turn, identified gaps in the training provision and members of the Bradfords team then attended a range of training courses, including Health and Safety, First Aid, Manual Handling and Fire Safety.

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We now have peace of mind knowing that our business is safe and complying with the law. We are now confident that we are doing everything in our business that we need to be doing.

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Adopting a flexible approach to delivery ensured we were able to provide high quality training to both full-time and casual staff without impacting core business hours. This training supported Fosters gaining their OHSAS 1801 accreditation in 2014, a well-deserved achievement.

Company expansion prompted Burford Garden Centre to enlist our services to ensure they were fully adhering to their legal responsibilities. Tailored in-house training along with a new Food Safety Management system helped pave the way to achieving their Five Star Food Hygiene Rating.

When a key member of their team left; Partner Logistics turned to us to fill that void. With our support and specialist training, we upskilled another member of staff giving him the knowledge and confidence to communicate industry legislation throughout the business.

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