How Many First Aiders Do I Need?

How Many First Aiders Do I Need?


Having the correct first aid provision in the workplace is not only a legal requirement, but it is incredibly important for the safety of you and your employees. In this article, we answer the question “How many first aiders do I need?” and point you to a tool that can be used to calculate this figure.

The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 states that employers must make sure there are adequate and appropriate first aid equipment, facilities, and the number of qualified first aiders in the workplace. However, “adequate and appropriate” is quite a vague phrase and may be difficult for you to understand.

So, how many first aiders do I need?

In order to ensure you do have the adequate number of first aiders for your business to be legally compliant you need to carry out a first aid needs risk assessment.

Every workplace will be different.  Although the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will give numbers for guidance these numbers are not a legal ratio. You may actually need more first aiders than the guidance states.

How many first aiders do i need?

What do I need to consider in my first aid needs assessment?

The HSE advise that you consider:

  1. Type and severity of hazards in the workplace
  2. Numbers of employees
  3. Experience level of employees
  4. Types of accident and ill health that have previously occurred in your company or across your industry
  5. The arrangement of your premises, are they spread out or in one location
  6. Shift workers?
  7. Lone workers?
  8. Do you need to include provision for anyone other than employees?

From this information you will need to assess the level of hazard resulting form your work activities and arrangements.

In our First Aid Courses we talk about first aid needs analysis.

I have assessed the level of risk, now what?

You need to balance the level of risk and the number of employees with your first aid provision. For example, for a low risk office environment where less than 25 people are employed the HSE suggest that an appointed person is sufficient, but where the numbers of employees rise to above 50 they recommend a First Aid at Work (FAW) trained first aider for every one hundred employees.

First AId Checklist

What about holiday cover?

When deciding upon the number of first aiders required you will need to take into account staff holidays, shift patterns, part time workers and off site working, hence the reason why the HSE suggest rather than dictate first aider to staff ratios. One first aider to every one hundred employees will be required regardless of holidays, therefore in reality you will need at least two first aiders to provide continuity of cover.

How many first aiders do I need?

Why not use our First Aid Calculator to establish your business needs.

Our easy to use First Aid Requirements Calculator has 3 simple steps that should only take a few minutes to complete. It will then use the latest HSE guidance to provide you with a full breakdown of how many first aiders you need and what type of training they require.

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Training Available

How many first aiders do I need?

Envesca offers a range of first aid courses.  For further details on this course and information on forthcoming training courses, simply click on the links below:

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QA Level 2 Award in Basic Life Support and the Safe Use of an Automated External Defibrillator
QA Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work

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