Why Every Manager Should Do The IOSH Managing Safely Course

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What To Look For In A Health & Safety Training Company

Managers have a ton of responsibilities. And one of the hats they must expertly wear is managing the safety of everyone in the workplace. 

Gaining understanding and taking part in great training courses is one way you can make sure you or your managers are doing a good job. Here, we cover why every manager should do the IOSH Managing Safely Course.

What Is The IOSH Managing Safely Course?

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is a UK-based organisation that works to raise workplace health and safety standards. They offer professional qualifications so that health and safety professionals, including managers, can up their game and employ enhanced health and safety skills. 

All IOSH courses are also internationally recognised because they are a Chartered body. 

The IOSH Managing Safely Course is designed to prepare individuals for the roles and responsibilities that come with managing staff. It can be taken by anyone, from newcomers to more experienced managers, and by getting involved, you can rest assured you remain compliant with changing health and safety legislation – among other benefits. 

More on that later.

Why Managers Should Be Trained

Undergoing regular, appropriate training is a great way for all professionals to stay current and agile and ignite their passion for what they do. And these benefits ripple out across the workplace. 

But why should managers be trained?

Confidence Levels

When you or your manager takes part in an engaging training course, it wakes your brain up out of the day-to-day and invigorates motivation. The bursting email inbox can wait for a few hours! With fresh knowledge taken onboard, newly trained managers are given the confidence to do their job well.

Demonstrate Leadership

Anyone can talk their team’s ears off about health and safety best practices. By putting yourself or your managers in for a training course, you’re walking the walk. 

The IOSH Managing Safely course enables you to identify hazards and understand how to rectify tricky situations, but, most importantly, it tools you up in talking to your people about the necessity of health and safety in the workplace. 

Spread The Load

IOSH Managing Safely reduces the burden of health and safety responsibility on the manager alone.

It is a busy role, and maintaining health and safety compliance is a huge load to take on! Training in IOSH Managing Safely provides peace of mind for businesses because the course is designed and quality-controlled by a Chartered body for health and safety professionals.

CV Boost

The IOSH Managing Safely course is a valuable addition to any CV because it is an internationally recognised qualification that doesn’t have an expiry date.

Of course, you want to keep your managers on board. But helping them add to their professional development is a highly desirable employer trait, one that will boost engagement and well-being across the board. 

Quickly Does It

The time it takes to complete the IOSH Managing Safely course can be as little as 3 days, making it an attractive health and safety training solution for any manager. Especially because it can be done online or in person. 

The Benefits Of The IOSH Managing Safely Course

Not just beneficial for managers themselves, IOSH Managing Safely training comes hand in hand with many advantages.

Increased Productivity

IOSH Managing Safely provides managers with the knowledge and skills to better detect hazards and prevent accidents or illness in the workplace. This means you can both keep your people safe and reduce staff absences, increasing productivity across the board. 

Safer Working Environment

Sometimes accidents happen. A safer working environment reduces risks for your team as well as protects your business should something go wrong. 

Why Every Manager Should Do The IOSH Managing Safely Course


When your managers take part in an IOSH Managing Safely course, you can rest easy knowing they’re up to date with health and safety know-how and can ensure your business remains fully compliant with laws and regulations. 

Strong Leadership 

Demonstrate your commitment to a safe workplace for your staff, and you’re showing them that they matter. By brandishing your confidence in your team for all to see and making sure they get the support and training they need to build upon their professional offering, you earn trust and boost engagement. 

What Does The IOSH Managing Safely Course Include?

For your business to stay compliant, the Under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, you need to ensure suitable arrangements are in place to manage health and safety in your workplace.

The IOSH Managing Safely course educates your managers on the health and safety responsibilities associated with managing health and safety management systems.

The course covers the following topic areas:

  • Introducing managing safely
  • Assessing risks
  • Controlling risks
  • Understanding your responsibilities
  • Identifying hazards
  • Investigating accidents and incidents
  • Measuring performance

The course is available in-house or through a virtual classroom course delivered online via Zoom over 3 days.

Are Your Managers Managing Safely?

Training in IOSH Managing Safely will give your managers an engagement boost, look great on their CVs and ensure your business remains compliant with UK health and safety legislation. 

Does your business manage a safe working environment? Get in touch with Envesca today to talk all things health and safety. 

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