In-Person Vs eLearning Health And Safety Training

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For most of you reading this, health and safety training is probably essential, and there’s only so long it can stay on the back burner before you have to deal with it.

There’s no time like the present!

But when you’re juggling so much already, how on earth do you find time to fit it in?

Whether online, in-person or a mixture of the two, there are different ways health and safety training can be delivered to make it easy and convenient for you and your business.

This blog will help give you more understanding of the key differences between eLearning and in-person training to help you decide which might be the best choice for your needs…

eLearning vs In-Person Health And Safety Training

Since the pandemic, online training has skyrocketed, but with the hands-on nature of doing things face-to-face, can it really measure up to health and safety training?

To help you decide, here are the key differences between the two…

In Person Vs eLearning Health And Safety Training

Now let’s take a closer look at the benefits of both.

The Benefits Of eLearning

online learning


There’s no denying that the flexibility of eLearning to adapt to busy schedules and be done pretty much anywhere is a big bonus. It means you and your employees can fit it in around work, so there’s less downtime, and productivity remains high.

Less Pressure

Many online eLearning courses can be completed in your own time, rather than at a set pace. You and your attendees can re-watch and re-read things as often as you need to fully understand and get the most from the training.

Wider Reach

During an ‘open’ course, you’ll mix (virtually) with people from different locations, backgrounds and employment. Everyone brings with them different views and knowledge that can be shared to enhance the learning experience.


Health and safety eLearning courses are often more affordable because the provider has fewer costs. There’s no need to hire a venue, provide equipment, travel, etc, and the course materials can be downloaded infinite times. It’s these things that save you money.

The Benefits Of In-Person Training

Allergens And Intolerances In Hospitality

More Personal

When you’re face to face with people, it’s easier to build relationships, trust and rapport. This can encourage you and your workforce to be more open and ask for help if things need clarifying to get the most from your health and safety training.

Minimal Distraction

Unless an emergency occurs, such as the fire alarm going off, the chances are there will be very little distraction when attending an in-person course. When you’re completing eLearning courses from home, your kids, pets, spouse, mobile, TV, games console, etc can be all too distracting!

Bespoke Options

Often, eLearning courses are ‘one-size-fits-all’, whereas in-person course content can be more easily adapted to your type of business, individual learning style or group requirements. This will ensure the health and safety training you receive is relevant to your needs.


With first aid especially, the best way to learn to perform CPR, dress a wound or reverse choking is to get hands-on. In-person training provides the opportunity to practise these life-saving skills on life-like mannequins to prepare you should the worst happen.

Add something about the ability to ask questions to clarify your understanding.

Have You Considered Virtual Learning?

If you’re stuck in a dilemma of choosing between eLearning or in-person health and safety training, have you considered having your cake and eating it too?

Because you can!

Virtual  training is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a blended approach to health and safety that uses a mixture of online and face-to-face courses. You attend the course from the comfort of your home or office but have the benefit of a live trainer so you can ask lots of questions.

For example…

You may choose to complete the three-day IOSH Managing Safely course virtually to save time and money travelling to a venue. . Whereas in-person first aid training gives you hands-on practice in life-saving techniques.

If you’re unsure which health and safety courses will work best for you and your business eLearning, virtual  or in-person, call us or email. We’ll be happy to go through your options to make sure you get the best of both worlds.

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