Why Is It Important To Keep Your Food Safety Training Up-To-Date

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Why Is It Important To Keep Your Food Safety Training Up-To-Date?

Every year millions of people suffer from the effects of food poisoning bacteria, with symptoms such as diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps, and some of these people may even die. Many will have eaten food that has been contaminated by poor food hygiene practices during preparation, storage or cooking. If you operate a food business, the importance of good food hygiene practices and procedures should not be underestimated.

For managers of food businesses across the UK, it is vital to ensure your premises are fully compliant with food safety standard. Should a customer become unwell as a direct result of poor food hygiene on your premises, the responsibility will fall on you. Here are 5 reasons to make sure you keep your business’s food safety training qualifications up-to-date.

1. Ensure Safe Food

In line with the Food Safety Act 1990 and other food hygiene regulations, there are severe penalties for failing to follow appropriate guidelines when working with food. Learning to manage the risks of cross-contamination, whether that be of raw poultry which carries the risk of food poisoning, or a tree nut that can cause fatal allergic reactions, will ensure food products contain nothing that could pose an unexpected risk.

Why Is It Important to Keep Food Safety Training Up toDate

2. Achieve A 5-Star Food Standards Agency Rating

5 stars are reserved for only the most stringent food and drink handlers and being able to proudly display those 5-stars on your website, food premises or marketing materials can undoubtedly increase trust in your business and lead to an increase in customers.

3. Save Money On Food Wastage

From poor temperature control in fridges to accidental cross-contamination of a large batch, caterers have to throw away an incredible amount of food every single day. This leads to significant loss sums over time, an accredited food safety training course can help your team to minimise behaviours or habits that lead to spoiled food.

4. Happier Employees

Those who work around food have others’ health – and sometimes lives – in their hands. Many food industry employees who undergo food safety training courses can gain a new appreciation of their job and a better understanding of the importance of the way they do that job.

Why Is It Important to Keep Food Safety Training Up toDate 1

5. Create A Positive Food Safety Culture

Despite food standards in place in all kitchens, food manufacturing and storage facilities across the UK, it’s easy to make a mistake. The problem lies, however, when that mistake isn’t taken seriously. Staff who are truly educated on the reasons behind the rules in their workplace are far more likely to follow rules and flag up problems that they become aware of. This leads to a much healthier working environment and, ultimately, a safer product.

Food Safety Training From Envesca

Whether your team would benefit from learning how to implement food safety management procedures or accessing basic education on cross-contamination or allergen exposure, we offer a range of courses on food safety across various industries.

To find out which type or level of training would benefit your team the most, call us on 01452 502113, and we’ll take you through your choices or complete our enquiry form.

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